Building a Sustainable future

We’re always looking for new ways to better the environmental impact of our pubs, and although we’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, but we know how much more there still is to do. Every day, we continue to make small changes that we hope will have a long-lasting impact on our planet.



We won an award!


We are extremely thrilled to announce that our parent company Mitchells & Butlers has been awarded Best Sustainable Pub Company 2022! This acknowledgement is a result of the ongoing work and innovation across our pubs, including furniture recycling schemes, Go Green initiatives to help reduce carbon emissions; the introduction of plant-based items, and concerted efforts to reduce energy consumption, recycle more and waste less.

Our partnership with Fever-Tree

We’ve partnered with Fever-Tree to support Earthwatch Europe – an environmental charity connecting people with nature and protecting our natural resources. Fever-Tree has sustainability right at it’s core, from ingredient selection to ensuring all drinks sold are carbon neutral.

We’re proud to support Tiny Forests around the UK. A tiny forest has at least 600 trees planted in an area the size of a tennis court.

Environmental issues like flooding and loss of biodiversity are increasingly affecting our cities. Innovative urban planting solutions, can help to create thriving urban areas.


Our partnership with Brewgooder


Introducing, Brewgooder, not only does their beer taste good, but they do good for the planet too.

We’re proud to partner with Brewgooder, who’s vision is a world free from poverty and inequality, where everyone has a fair chance to live a good life. They have worked on many global projects in Africa, notably the clean water & sanitation initiative, to provide 200 million litres of water, to 170,000 people across 15 countries. If that’s not worth raising a glass to, we don’t know what is!